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How do I contact Now about my phone line issue?

My home phone is constantly engaged when I call it or it just cuts out after a couple of rings.  I've also noticed interference on the line when I hear the tone.  I've used the test line link and it says I'm fine.  No changes have been made by myself though Virgin are installing cables near my address.  Anyhoo I'm finding there isn't anyway of contacting Now about this as all the 'help' seems to be around broadband.  This is VERY frustrating as I all I want is to contact someone for help.  I've tried both 0330 332 3050 and 0800 759 1213 but these are both the same calls taking me to a dead end.  I might try ringing as a new customer and try that way as this is bad.

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Hi @ivesy 

Did you try the telephone number on the link page below during their opening hours of 8am to 8pm ?

If you can't get through on the number in the link below, then use the web form instead to send them a message.

I rarely have to phone the NOW Broadband Team, but I always got through on the number on the link below  (unless things have changed) since the last time I phoned them a year or so ago.

If you get an automated telephone message and none of the options are applicable then choose the nearest where they all get put through to the same NOW Broadband Team based in Northern Ireland.