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Help needed please

Please bear with me as I have learning difficulties.

The engineer came to do the broadband today and he hasn't been able to get it working as it needs underground work and won't be able to connect for several weeks. I have spoken to now and they said that I will just have to wait. I don't think that now were very helpful or interested. Has this happened to anyone else. Thank you 

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Be persistent as NOW are fully reliant on OpenReach for sorting anything out. So it's possible OpenReach hasn't told NOW anything for them to pass onto you.

If its any consolation.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I would also check that FTTP (Full Fibre) isn't available at your location.

Now will only use FTTC (copper service back to cabinet) and it may be faster to get Full Fibre installed.

Have you only just moved in to your home, an did it have a broadband service previously?

Yes it had broadband previously but was disconnected, another engineer just
came out to sort it out but had to leave halfway through because a person
with vulnerable needs needed him, I too have vulnerable needs and I'm on my
own yet it's ok to leave me without broadband to go to another customer, I
don't get it. I have had to buy some more data because of this

think I will cancel my order with NOW, No one seems to know what is happening, my broadband isn't up and running, left me for another vulnerable person and nobody knows anything. Not good service at all. I will have to stick with my data, I was trying to save a little money but I suppose it's not to be