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'Grown up browsing time' - on / off does what?



This is day one with Now Broadband, and I must say it's been plain sailing so far.


I'm setting parental controls to keep the nippers as safe as possible, but it's unclear if 'Grown up browing time' set to off means 18-rated sites are always viewable, or if it means they're never viewable..


Does anyone know please?


Many thanks!


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Legend 5


Not being a NOW broadband customer I can only guess. 


What I do know is something called Broadband Buddy which offers parental controls that help keep you and your family safe online, and is available free for all NOW Broadband and NOW TV Combo members.

If you turn off your "broadband buddy" this will remove any restrictions that are in place for online viewing. 

If you turn on this 'Grown up browsing time', my guess is that all sites are able to be viewed. 


Have a nosy at this linke for more info about the Broadband Buddy.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help