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Good Broadband Speed when testing... terrible internet performance when browsing

ive had NOW broadband for a couple of months and i cant get my head round why the speeds are fine, but the internet performance is shocking. it lags badly and even says no internet available sometimes after searching for something. my computer is a wired connection. the wifi is worse. any ideas?

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Hi @Daq17Thack 

I am assuming you are not using Apple products by any chance with Private Relay enabled.

Also have you tried different internet browsers from your default one.

Have you done any changes to your online Broadband Buddy Settings and going into the NOW Router webpage Settings and play around with the different wifi channels, splitting wifi bands, trying IPV6 over Lan enabled (default) or disabled and Ethernet untick Energy saving and Fast Ethernet instead of Gigabit.

All the above would be temporary tests just to see any noticeable improvement.

If still no joy, get in touch with the NOW Broadband Team.


First thing which comes to mind is , is this the same for all devices connected to your Now broadband?


Have you tried connecting your computer to another Internet network if you have access to one? (eg a hotspot or a friend's wifi?)


This would help rule out it being an issue with the machine.