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Existing broadband suddenly stopped working today

I am having an absolute nightmare today. My Internet just suddenly cut out at 4pm. It signed me out and then told me there was a problem signing back in. It is now 10pm and I have no idea why it dropped, how long it will be down and if it is a nrletwork issue or specifically with my home.

I spent 2 hours on hold to the call centre before the line went dead and have gone round and round online for hours. Following every troubleshooting guide I can find.

If I run the service checker, it just comes back with a big red error message saying they can't check my service at this time.

Can anyone advise what may be the issue?

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We are all customers like yourself on this forum, you wont get any replies from NOW broadband support as they never post on the forum. 

Assuming you've tried a good old factory reset, all I can say is keep trying the broadband team. Bear in mind their opening times are 8am to 8pm.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I've had same issue, I'm in Essex nr London went off 3pm says outage but I don't know if that's a network issue or not. I found a customer service n in number so will try that. No issues with my line or router that I can tell.