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Ethernet ports not working properly

New to nowtv broadband this week. Wanna play Xbox. Solely took this for that reason and left the virgins connection for everyone else in home. Ethernet doesn’t let me play multiplayer at allllll

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Hi @Theapsterking 


I don't own an Xbox, but if it was me i would go into the NOW Hub webpage settings and try disabling IPV6 and change the Ethernet connection to Fast Ethernet.


I would also try typing something in your internet browser search engine or go over to the Sky Broadband Community and in their search box type something like Xbox Ethernet problem or something along those lines to see what hit results pop up with suggestions.


When yo say "Ethernet doesn’t let me play multiplayer at allllll", is it really only Ethernet, or is it the same over Wi-Fi?


Hi. Just joined NowTv broadband today. Been playing wowslegends online on my xbox series s with the default router settings this morning without any issues.