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Ethernet Broadband connection drops multiple times a day and download speeds below minimum

I'm using a Ethernet Cable connected directly to NOW Hub 2, I've have been with Now TV for a few months (12 month contract)  and at least every 2 days the Now Hub 2 will restart random times throughout the day, sometimes the connection will be resorted very quickly other times it will take multiple attempts until it connects back to the internet.

I want to state again I am not using WIFI, it's an wired connection, ethernet cable.
Only one device is connected to the Now TV Hub

I have also checked my download speeds it's well below the minimum download speed that is guaranteed.

Guaranteed 57.3 Mbps
I am getting 28.3 Mbps download

My plan with NowTV is SuperFibre

I have tried My Broadband & calls - Technical checks and I received "Sorry, we can't fix your issue online with a number below."

I have honestly had enough and want to change providers, I just want to know if I change without paying an early termination fee since my download speeds are below the minimum guaranteed on the summary plan page it says "Your minimum download speed is guaranteed, and if we don't stick to it, you can leave without a charge!" 

I want reliable internet that won't keep dropping connection.

My contract started mid February 2022 and live in Greater Manchester.

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Legend 5

Hi @MaxAida 

Have you contacted the NOW Broadband Team directly about this ?

Where they have no more than 30 days once reported to give you a reliable service with a minimum guarantee down speed that was promised or you have the right to cancel early without paying any termination fees.

There is a bit about it on the last FAQ on this NOW linked article below. 

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If Now can't fix your problems, then you will be free to leave, although you need to give them a chance to try to resolve it. Call the broadband team via the link below.