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I have been waiting from 1-6 for an engineer and took a days holiday and no one showed up. It has taken over three weeks to get NOWTV Broadband. I run a business and this is very difficult to work. nowtv have already delayed it by 4 days and now no one showed. What to do now? If I move to another company it will take time again which I don't have. Why is this so difficult to do? WiFi is like electricity. It is essential. 

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I have been waiting on someone to come round to see if I can get an internet connection in my kids room so it goes straight into my sons pc instead of using a dongle as it's to slow can you let me know what day someone is meant to be coming round to check or do it please also they said it's all free , I have 1 already downstairs installed but far to slow for sons pc 

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You are best to give the broadband team a call using the number from my signature below. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help