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Engineer visit

Had a engineer visit finally after waiting 15days for them to tell me he cant do the work as theres no phone line.  Explained this on the phone when I placed the order. So why couldnt he of just fitted it that day. Roughly how much longer will I have to wait to finally have my broadband up and running? 

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Unfortunately that is down to Openreach who don't seem to be too keen to install new copper lines now everything is going over to fibre. (can't say I blame them)

You will just have to badger Now, who in turn will badger Openreach, to do the work.

Are you expected to get full fibre in your area soon? You can check here:

Fibre First: Your future with broadband | Openreach


I have to say, from this and another broadband forum I'm on, I am really surprised how many people don't have a copper BT line into their homes. (usually long time Virgin users trying to leave because of the price increases)


@NathanF I would hope that NOW keep you updated by email. If you want to speak to them directly call 0800 759 1213.