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Engineer visit debacle

Horrible service.

Initial installation was fine.Now that i relocated I need an engineer visit.Was unable to make the 16.08.22 so rescheduled it 22.08.22 1pm-6pm.So kept all my work on hold waiting for this engineer visit only to be told at 2:30 pm on 22.08.22 that the engineer is not showing up and its been rescheduled to 25.08.2022 between 1:00-6:00 pm.

I call NOW after going through 15 minutes of their automated messages.She says they can't do anything about it as it is at the engineers discretion if they show up or not.

What an absolute waste of time money and patient with these people.

I tell her i would like to complain about this unprofessionalism.If you cant show up at the said appointment time, why give me an appointment and waste my time.

She says i can take the complaint but nothing will be done about it.

I cant wait for my contract to get over to get out of this mess.

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Sorry to hear this, but like most ISPs NOW are at the mercy of Openreach as regards engineer visits. The only crumb of comfort is that you will be entitled to compensation, see here for details: