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Engineer visit and NO covid measures.

Yesterday 2 Openreach (Kelly Group) engineers turned up to get my broadband installed with no Masks.


When I challenged them one said he had an exemption (nonsense) and the other astoundingly just used a "no-one else has asked before" defence. 


I spoke to both NowTV and Openreach (Chat) who both apologised and stated that all should have worn masks.


I am in a Tier 3 area with a rate of over 500 and this is just an utter disgrace that these 2 have visited 15, 20 or more homes just today. How long have they been acting with such disregard? How many other crews have a likewise attitude to customers safety? 10 months into this pandemic and this is the level of customer care we get? FFS delivery drivers who don't even come into the property wear masks.


The worrying thing is that I'm told the matter will be taken up by their manager and I would get no further feedback. Cynical perhaps but to me that is just licence to sweep the matter under the rug and carry on as usual.


Are there routes to raise this further and ensure action has been taken, that we get feedback and transparency?





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@Anonymous User 

This link will point you in the direction to escalate your complaint.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Was there yesterday and was just told to contact Openreach, which I accept as Now do not do the installation work but as one of the largest communication partners they should take up the mantle for its customers.


Also I can find no advice or guidance on the site nor in any pre-install communications on the safety measures the customer can expect to experience.

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@Anonymous User Openreach install Covid policy in the link below.

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Thanks, not seen that before, which is not surprising as there is nothing to point the customer to that or even about Openreach in the "what happens next" email from NowTV.


Regardless, that is interesting as the screening call did not happen, only one to say "we are 10 minutes away". Also interesting that it states "the engineers are strongly advised to wear gloves and masks", now there's an out for them to do whatever they want.