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Engineer No Show Please help


I have a scheduled appointment with a NOW engineer tomorrow between 1pm-6pm. I am actually a new customer looking to have Now broadband hooked up.  I applied for this broadband on the 30th of August 2022.. I got a scheduled visit by an engineer for the 14th of September.  I got a text last week that there would be a delay with my order, but the thing is I already took day off from work and school for this particular reason and I am unable to undo that.  I have called the customer service and the person I spoke to confirmed that there would be a delay and that, I just have to wait for an update from NOW engineering team.  It's end of business today and I have no word from them. 

What are my options at this point? Would I be eligible for a compensation? Can I get them to come this week still? I am new in town from the USA and getting a broadband hooked up is usually quite faster over there. I mean, it already took 2 weeks for them to schedule an appointment and it's looking increasing likely that they're going to miss that appointment tomorrow. I would really just want to know what to do? I threatened to cancel, but I really do need this internet ASAP.. I am unsure I have the patience to wait another 2 weeks from another service provider.

Thank you for your help

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Do you mean the engineer scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled, but they have yet to give you another date? You will be entitled to compensation for any delays beyond the date originally agreed. I can only suggest you continue to contact them directly to chase things up, try the complaints number on 0800 759 1213.

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Yes basically and they're not even communicating with me clearly. There's always a team that will get back to me with an update I eventually never get.