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EGL Tv not listed for remote pairing


I purchased a now tv stick for my mum for Christmas and she has tried to set it up herself.

she has a brand new EGL tv which is not listed in the list of manufacturers to pair the remote. Not sure what to do, can anyone help? Thank you in advance 


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Hi @Anonymous User 


Never heard of the TV brand EGL before and a quick Google search didn't help much with very little information to go on.


i am guessing it's a rebadge of another low end budget TV.


Unfortunately the NowTV / Roku data base doesn't cover every single TV and model number for the IR command codes to switch on / off and adjust the volume of the TV from the dedicated buttons on the NowTV Smart Remote.


if it was me i would try some alternative manufacturers such has Medion, Tevion, UMC, Vestel who tend to make under licence TV's for a lot of other low end brands.


Should you have no luck, then maybe go through each code manually one by one during the setup wizard procedure. 


If no joy manually going through the code numbers one at a time, then skip the process and you will have to use the NowTV smart remote without these two dedicated buttons, where all other buttons should be able to operate the NowTV Stick.

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Hi @schnapps 


Sorry for the delay and thank you for the suggestions below.  


We will give them a try.  I appreciate you coming back to me.


Many thanks,



Anonymous User
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Hi, after purchasing one of these tv's myself, I had the same problem.

After trying so many makers the only one that worked for me was the Polaroid maker. 

Hope this helps with your issue. 🙂  


I found a reference that says they are made by Cello.


Cant vouch for it, though.

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