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Do I Need an Engineer for Setup When There is Already a Master Socket?

I have an engineer due to come to my flat which I just moved to on Wednesday. Apparently they will be installing a new line into the flat as I do not know the existing phone number, and neither does the landlord.

The thing is though, there is already a master socket in the flat. Will the engineer still install a new master socket even though there is already one there? Don't want the engineer to be making holes in the walls and pulling up carpets.


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@Anonymous User Welcome to the community. I think you'll have to wait and see what the engineer says when they arrive,  if your installation has been flagged as needing an engineer visit then they will determine what needs to be done when they visit. If there's already an existing inactive line I would imagine they would just use that, and possibly upgrade the existing master socket to a prefiltered one if it's old/corroded but you'd have to see what happens on the day.

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