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Device Limit

When did the device limit increase to 6, this is amazing and just what was needed. Thank you Now TV.
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schnapps Legend 4
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Re: Device Limit

Hi @gar_jen 


The new limit of 6 devices now permitted on your account with 3 device swaps allowed each calendar month happend first thing this morning the 26th of March :smileyhappy:.


Like you said fantastic news and should free up live chat to help customers with other account related matters.



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Re: Device Limit

@schnapps @gar_jen  Yes I noticed this today,much better to be able to swap 3 devices each month as well, I was waiting for the 1st of April to add a new device but was able to do it today. Brilliant news .

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Re: Device Limit

Wonder if they will increase the number of streams now they have allowed more devices. 


I know the help section still states 2 streams at once, making it 3 now is a possibilty and would make it more sustainable. 

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