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Delivery and installation address inaccurate!

I signed up to your service yesterday, but the delivery and installation address are not accurate - you have the flat number, but not the house no.!!  Although you've managed to get the billing address right!  Billing, delivery and installation address should be the same.  Sent a message immediately after I signed up, but no response yet!  Called and spent 45 mins on hold before I was able to speak to someone and he wasn't able to rectify it!  Stated, depends on what Open Reach find and if they can't find it, order will have to be cancelled and a new order will have to placed!!!  Really?!  I'm moving from Sky, why are Open Reach even getting involved?! JUST CAUSING UNNECESSARY DELAYS!!  And why does it take two weeks to transfer from Sky?!

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@Anonymous User


Hello, Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding this, we have checked this order and it is progressing correctly the postcode is matching the line will route accordingly. the installation address is showing as correct, the system you are looking at does not give you full detail, please be assured this order is progressing accordingly, Openreach install and work with your exchange to route you into the correct port, this is a time consuming job, hence why 14 days is needed to do this correctly for each individual customer.


We will email you now to confirm  these details