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Delivery and activation

I am moving to a new address in July but want to get the wifi sorted now so i can arrange the engineer arrives when i move in. I want to get the router delivered to my current home address, which I will then take with me to my new address.  If I purchase fibre broadband now (i.e today) will :

1) the hub arrive to my current location in time before I move.

2) If I purchase now and arrange an engineer in the beginning of July, will I be billed for this month without having access to the internet, or will i only be billed once the engineer has arrived? It is unclear. 




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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


The Community Forum is mainly used by customers and NowTV Staff rarely read and respond to all the posts on here.


If you use Twitter, then NowTV are more proactive over there.


If not drop them an email using the address in the screen shot below.