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Delay set up broadband - compensation?



TWO weeks ago, I requested for a service of broadband  for which I have already paid 60 pounds for the setup. The service was estimated to be offered in the following week.


One week after, nowTV inform me that there is a delay of several way and the activation should be  delayed to the next week.


Until this point everything is ok.


Yesterday, it was supposed to be the day that NOWTV should have activated my broadband service but they did not. I checked my mail and my account I did not have any message from NOWTV.  Today, I open several tickets and the only reply that I had it was "it seems to be a delay in your service but we are not able to provide you about more information, someone would contact you".


I am still waiting for a reply since I do not know when I will be able to use my broadbad.. if I were know that NOWTV needed so much time to prepare the setup, I would have adquired another company.


Can I ask for any compensations directly to NOWTV? Or should I try by assiting into Citizens Advice Bureau or the  Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumers?


Best regards



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Hi @Anonymous User 


I found this article under the NowTV Help Centre.

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My activation was delayed by 3 weeks back in mid to late March. It was eventually activated in early mid April, by which point I had to purchase an extra £25 of additional data bundles on my phone (no alternative like a dongle was offered, but I get get an automatic apology email).

3 months later, despite the email about auto compensation, I still haven't had a penny. Complained a month or so ago and was told because the issue was with openreach, they were waiting on openreach to send compensation for Now to send to me. I was told it typically takes 6 weeks, which meant I should have had my compensation around the back end of May. I opted to close the complaint as what I was told over the phone sounded reasonable, but I'm still waiting.

The term "Auto compensation" really needs to be addressed or amended at least, as clearly it is not an automated or efficient process whatsoever (from my experience at least). If it is auto, then why have I not been compensated for 3 weeks of activation delays 3 months after my line was activated?... 😂🙈
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Similar here although I did get my late connection compensation ok.


The fact I was without the service for best part of two weeks is still apparently waiting on Openreach despite the section on auto compensation saying it will be received within 30 days.


I had to use extra mobile data for the family.


I have to chase as there are no updates from NOW TV regarding the status despite the fact they are outside their own published timescale. 


What should have been something simple as changing supplier simply wasn't worth the hassle. 

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Glad I'm not alone and pleased to hear you have now got your compensation.


Still waiting for mine, and no response to my complaint. Still taking my direct debit bang on time though I see!


Will be left with little alternative but to pursue it with OfCom if I do not get a response in the next week. I have ran out of patience.


Excellent broadband connection, but absolutely abysmal customer service with no customer focus whatsoever it seems.

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I'm in a similar position at the moment. Go live date was meant to be 23rd of august and been fed countless times someone will update you on such a date only to have it extended on that date with no update at all.  Just blaming it all on Openreach


Hopefully i'll have a connection soon but not getting my hopes up 


I was informed that I would receive an auto compensation for the delay in my go-live date, but I had to call the customer service team because the auto compensation is not automatic after all. I had two go-live dates of 27 September and 10th October, but the commitment was not fulfilled on these 2 dates and now I am being told I would be charged for the next month after being told that I would be automatically compensated.

This is failed promise by a brand that I expect to stay true to its commitments. I was told it would take roughly 30 days to get the compensation resolved and this further heightened my disappointment. 

I would commend the customer service representative I spoke because she was helpful and professional. I hope this is resolved in a short time frame as 30 days is quite long considering how many times my installation date was moved and the fact that I had to call before my request was reviewed.