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Delay set up broadband - compensation?



TWO weeks ago, I requested for a service of broadband  for which I have already paid 60 pounds for the setup. The service was estimated to be offered in the following week.


One week after, nowTV inform me that there is a delay of several way and the activation should be  delayed to the next week.


Until this point everything is ok.


Yesterday, it was supposed to be the day that NOWTV should have activated my broadband service but they did not. I checked my mail and my account I did not have any message from NOWTV.  Today, I open several tickets and the only reply that I had it was "it seems to be a delay in your service but we are not able to provide you about more information, someone would contact you".


I am still waiting for a reply since I do not know when I will be able to use my broadbad.. if I were know that NOWTV needed so much time to prepare the setup, I would have adquired another company.


Can I ask for any compensations directly to NOWTV? Or should I try by assiting into Citizens Advice Bureau or the  Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumers?


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Re: Delay set up broadband - compensation?

Hi @Ricard 


I found this article under the NowTV Help Centre.

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