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Custom Dynamic DNS



Does anyone know if it's possible to add a custom Dynamic DNS to the Hub 2?


I have a particular Dynamic DNS service I want to use, but can't see a way to add their details on to the Hub.


It's an NR801 (FW:2.90.2473.R)




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Hi @Anonymous User 


Can't really help not being that knowledgeable with regards to IT, but if you don't get any replies from any NOW forum members, try Googling something like Custom Dynamic DNS or using a third party Dynamic DNS on Sky Routers.


The Sky Hub 2 is a clone of the Sky Q Hub Router.


Or alternatively go on the Sky Broadband Community Forum and type the relevant question in their Community search box, where quite a few Sky Community Forum members are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to IT / Networking, plus there is a much larger customer base using Sky Routers so maybe somebody has already asked the question.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Forgot to say you could try your luck and ask the question directly to NOW by maybe sending them an email using the address on this screen shot below.


Hopefully somebody on the NOW forum knows the answer or had experience with this.