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Crossed line


I have had an on going issue with now tv for nearly four weeks.

on the day we were suppose to start up with broadband and line retail. My internet didn’t work. Tried fault testing, nothing. Tried phone long my landline. Some random lady. Who didn’t have clue who I was.

called up now tv, told them I had a crossed line. Ok will double check by sending a now tv engineer. Ok but it’s crossed theirs no point. 

4 days later no engineer booking in. Called up now tv told them my issue. Oh ok that’s down to openreach. Will book it in. 

3 days later. Called up no reply. Oh yeah they said it was fixed because your numbers being used. No it’s not that’s the random lady. Ok 

2 days later. Open reach cancelled bt will book it again

next day a supervisor phoned me who told openreach the issue, then selevs. Great. It will take 2-5 working days. 

7 days later because they don’t work weekends. Called up still not done.

ok it will deffitley be done by Saturday or Tuesday.

Today is Tuesday called up it’s fixed. Got home from work. It’s not fixed. Called up now tv. The line shows it works, that’s because it’s crossed.

oh ok I will book openreach for you. It will take 5 working days. I’ll double check it’s sorted with you next Tuesday. 

What if it’s not what would you do then. Book it in again- 

Spoken to openreach they can’t speak to me. Now tv have to do it on my behalf.

i am the only one???

They offered me “compensation” you don’t have to pay for broadband. If it’s not working.  Ohhh thank you. I fell soooo compensated.

i wonder if that counts for my now tv passes because I can’t watch them 🤔

Also I don’t have to pay for the calls that random lady is calling. 

🙏 “thanks”

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