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Considering Now TV Broadband

Hi All,


I am considering getting into a now tv broadband contact after being treated poorly after being with virgin media for over 20 years, do any of you have it and would you say it is worth the jump I know its only copper to the house and fiber to the cabinet how does this compear with virgin medias fiber to the home is it worth the risk swapping to Now TV.


Thoughts and opinions appriciated, Comment away.



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I wouldn't.. I jumped from virgin... and regretting it now.

My broadband and phone was supposed to be activated 5 days ago and guess what. Nothing.

There customer service is not existent; I mean you cannot actually contact them even to discuss anything, and on their chats they promise stuff line dates/times and nothing.

Very frustrating and annoying especially when you don't have a phone line and internet and cannot talk to someone to get yourself out of the situation including leaving them...

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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

I used to be a Virgin Media customer, then made the swtich to Now TV for broadband, personally I had no issues at all with the switch. In fact I felt the 38mb connection was far better than Virgins 50mb. 

However where I stay now only BT offer broadband as I am in a newbuild where it is only FTTP rather than FTTC. 

That being said I have been a Virgin customer several times and my personal experience has been far better with BT and Now TV. 


The upload speeds are much better with BT of 10mb than Virgins 3mb and that is is on the standard fibre for both.


Personally I won't be going back to Virgin again as I found the broadband to be very poor even when I had the 100mb packages which I had twice due to BT not having fibre in my area.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Before you make your mind up you might want read some of the forum posts on here regarding the poor service customers have received from NowTv regarding broadband.Going Live day’s cancelled with no notice or poor service after connection speed promised never achieved.