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Connection dropping

I’m a NOWTV client since March and until the last two weeks everything worked fine.


However, since around two weeks ago, some of my devices are dropping the internet connection while connected to the NOWTV hub. This happens not only with the devices connected through Wifi, but also with my Android box that is connected via ethernet cable directly to the router.


When this happens the connection still established, with a good Wifi signal, but no internet connection. If I switch the Wifi off and on again in the device, or if I disconnect the ethernet cable from the router and connect it again, it starts working good for a while, but it happens again after some time. Apparently is randomly but usually, it happens every15/20/30 minutes.


Is someone facing the same problem?

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Re: Connection dropping

I am having the same problem.   My internet connection from a PC via ethernet cable drops after a period of non-use and I suspect that this is triggered by the PC going into sleep mode.    I have altered the Power-saving setting of the PC to "Never" and am currently waiting to see if this has effected a temporary fix.       There must be a setting somewhere which could prevent the ethernet connection being lost when going into Sleep mode, but that is beyond my pay grade.

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