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Connection Drops Nightly

I have had Now Broadband for several years now however, I have recently noticed what seems to be an annoying pattern, and was wondering if anyone knew what might be causing it.


Whenever I am using my internet late at night, the connection seems to completely die for anything between a few minutes and several hours pretty much every night... Or most nights anyway (I'm not actively using my connection at these times every night to confirm) and this always seems to take place between Midnight and 3am (approx).


Sometimes a reboot of my Hub2 seems to resolve things whilst on other days makes no difference - that could be purely coincidental though!


The online "Technical Check" within My Account throws every possible message it can think of my way when I run it from my phone for the account whilst the internet is down... I've had "We can't detect your hub", "there's a problem with the network in your area", "well that didn't go as planned", "we cant resolve your issue online", "an engineer visit is required" and "an engineer visit is required but they will not need access to your property" -- you name it I've probably had it shown to me during these downtime periods! Its almost funny really.


It's worth noting that during the rest of the day / evening my internet seems completely fine. Stable, reasonably fast etc.


Does anyone have any ideas please?



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Re: Connection Drops Nightly

I have this problem but much worse...I tried Wired and Wireless. Both are problematic with erratic disconnections for 20 seconds up to 4 hours. I have had Outreach engineers round to fix it 9 times over the years. Each time it was resolved but only for a couple of weeks. I was using a windows 7 PC with a wired connection and got really fed up with the problem so in Dec 2020 I bought a brand new Windows 10 pro HP PC and after 3 weeks the problem came back with drop outs and long disconnections so a NowTV agent recommended I buy an Edimax wireless dongle which I did. That worked OK for 3 weeks and the last couple of days I woke up to no internet. I have tried every wireless channel from 1 - 13. I am now back to wired connection which I know from experience will go wrong again when it feels like it. I have had a replacement hub2 which made no difference at all. Engineers have said they are baffled. I hope someone can take the time to help me out as this is driving me half insane.


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