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Cannot verify server identity

Cannot verify server identity issue with 

appears to be broadband issue and cannot fix, what’s happening ? How do I fix ? Happened 1 month ago and had to factory reset

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What is that site? I can't access it either and I don't have NOW broadband.


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Legend 5

@Wifiproblem @redchiz1 
When I clicked on the link just now there are a string of non-displayable characters appended to to url. When removed, the link works and takes me to NETGEAR.COM. Is this where you wanted to go?


No not at all, it’s stopping me from using my wifi or email accounts

Expert 3

The problem with the link, is it has a space at the end, here it is without the space.

But, yes that is Netgear.


@Wifiproblem et al

This will tell you that the link goes to Netgear.

However, if you have a Netgear router, it will get you to the router configuration page without you having to remember, or even to know, its IP address on your WiFi.

Its behaviour can be problematic on other makes of router, but they are supposed to pass the request on like any other internet request, to where the DNS servers will resolve this to Netgear.

On Netgear routers, of course, the router actions it, and the request never gets to the internet,

On setups containing a Netgear router as an AP, and not the internet-facing router, its behaviour is likely to be ‘interesting’.

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