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Cannot connect to certain web sites

I have been a satisfied NOW Broadband customer for many years and rarely encountered any issues. This morning however I cannot connect to certain remote web services, such as All my Ring devices are available on the LAN, but they cannot connect to the Ring servers (e.g. I also cannot reach using a standard web browser. Most other web sites are available. Is anyone else experiencing this? The people on the telephone help line seems totally clueless.

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Hi @Vandelay 

What is your Broadband Buddy set on when going to your NOW online account ?

I just tried the ring website with Chrome internet browser on my Android tablet with my NOW Broadband internet connection with Broadband Buddy set to age 18 and no problems for me.

Maybe try a temporary change of Broadband Buddy or switch it off.

The other thing I find with the NOW Hub 2 Router is to disable IPV6 in it's webpage Settings.


I saw another two people reporting the same issue both on the Sky forum as well as on Twitter. It might be a Sky routing problem.

I'm sure it's already been reported to Sky.


There is a long thread about this issue going on in the Sky broadband forums - see Sky Broadband - Routing Issues Today


This is working for me now and the same for others in the corresponding threads over on the Sky broadband forums. So the big question is... what did Sky do to break & fix this?