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What is the process of cancellation under the 14-day cooling-off period? I have received the installation but only get 2MB download speed, which is a far cry from the advertised 64MB. Upload speed is no better. I was attracted by the cheap price but I get better speeds using the hotspot on my phone which has unlimited internet access. Very, Very poor speeds; almost useless for my uses as I own a website dealing with music and video which needs uploading/downloading. 

Anyway, complaints aside. I will need to get out of the contract as it doesn't look like it's a service they can fix after looking at other user's feedback. 


Note: I have used the technical issues area of the website and it has offered no help. I'm reasonably proficient at handling technical tasks, and still haven't been able to fix the problem after 11 days (given the company the opportunity to "fix it themselves" as requested in the ten-day "fluctuation" period. 



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What speeds were you getting with your previous supplier at that property?

What provider did you have at the property before now?

What router are you using?

Are you connecting over wifi or ethernet? ( hint do the test again but use a wired connection - not wifi )

What speeds etc do you get when you put your details into the BT wholesale ( openreach) checker here



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Phone them up: 0330 041 2518.