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Cancelling broadband service.

What are the rules regarding cancelling a broadband service before the end of the contract, as a result of broadband speeds being way way slower than advertised?


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In common with most providers, you would need to raise a complaint and if it can't be resolved take it to CISAS (or get agreement from Now) to leave without penalty.

NOW complaints procedure and codes of practice (

However it may be better to get the speed problem resolved.

What sync speeds are you getting, what do you think it should be and what does Openreach say your line is capable of? BT Broadband (


Hello JohnH1,

thanks for the reply. I clicked on the Openreach link in your email and typed in my phone number as requested on the site. For some reason the phone number was not recognised, so I couldn't proceed with the Openreach info. I have contacted NOWTV customer services about my slow broadband speeds, but with no real help from them. I'm not sure what you mean by sync speeds. Is that the same as download speeds? I do regular download speed checks using Speedtest by Ookla. The results vary quite a lot. The download speeds are often around 15 - 20 Mbps, but regularly go below 5 mbps, (the lowest I've had is 0.5 Mbps). The highest was about 35 Mbps, but that was exceptionally high, and I've never had anything like that since. (I signed up for the Super Fibre 63 Mbps option).