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Can we get a new landline number? renumbering?

We switched over from talktalk to NOW about 2 months ago. We don't use our landline often so it wasn't until recently we discovered that our old number that we wanted to transfer over is no longer working.
Is there a way to recover that number? Do we contact TalkTalk? Openreach? What are our options? 


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Best to give the broadband team a call, as I beleive this should have been done when performing the switch.

NOW Broadband customers can get in touch anytime between 8am–8pm.

Call us 0330 041 2480

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@GordonH I would also check with TalkTalk that your account with them has actually been closed. It is incumbent on the receiving provider i.e. NOW in this instance to organise this assuming that you did indeed specify that you wanted to keep your existing number when switching.