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Can't sign in on android

I have tried logging in to the now app but it keeps on saying incorrect username/password. I have tried resetting my password and that hasnt work. I can log in on the browser but when i click on a show it takes me to the app which wont work. Can you advise asap please.

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@Anonymous User 

Have you tried your email address?

You can also use "Sarahq7" as your username as this is created and linked to the same account for the fourm. 

For instance, if I can't be bothered typing in my email addres I can put in gavs82008.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Anonymous User
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Yeah i have tried username and my email. Its just says its incorrect when its not as im signed in now on my browser


Hello , are you having trouble signing in,? 

 To app on your android, ? 

First, have you in anyway Change your number and password,? If not I suppose u all ready deleted the app and download it again, I can't see what the problem is" if you didn't change your phone number, but if you did,  this can led to a very serious problem, place make sure your name address and password, account details are correct and your phone number, in setting you must be acrid in answers