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Can I use my Talktalk Wi-fi Hub with Now broadband?

My Talktalk Wi-Fi Hub had a much stronger signal than the Now 2 router. How can I configure it to work with Now broadband?

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Yes and no, as far as i know it wornt work with Nows (sky's) log in systemhowever if you can configure it as a wifi access point you may be able to hook it up via ethernet to the now modem/router. a better solution would be to source your own router - as long as its compatible with Sky/Now's option 61/MER log in method


I can't test myself but I read about people who managed to use their TalkTalk router, and I mean the latest model (black made by Huawei or Sagem).

Obviously it will only work on IPv4.


I'd read on here that someone was able to use their TalkTalk router on Now. (don't know what model)

No reason not to try it, but if it doesn't work immediately, leave if on for a while (maybe overnight, whilst you aren't using it) as sometimes it can take time to recognise the change.

Edit: I would suggest factory resetting it first.