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Can I start my internet sooner then the live date?

Hi, my internet arrived today and my wife needs to work from home tomorrow but my broadband doesn’t go live until 4 days later. Is there a way to start my package early?

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Re: Can I start my internet sooner then the live date?

Hi @JonGraceLake 


Unfortunately not 😠.


If you have internet already in the home from your current ISP then this should remain active until your scheduled switch over to NOW Broadband, where there is usually a gap of a couple if hours with no internet from my experience switching from BT to NOW and family members who have switched from TalkTalk to NOW.


Should you have no internet in the home currently, then you may have to look at other means in the short term.


You could try your luck asking NOW directly, but they are governed by BT Openreach and doubt there is nothing they can do about it. 



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