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Broadband went live, then cancelled, now nothing


I am exahusted and wondered if anyone has had similar problems.  

I ordered NowTV broadband and phone in January to switch from BT with a go live date of the 7th Feb.  This was then moved to the 14th and actually happened on the 18th!  I had broadband and outgoing calls but no incoming calls.  On the 21st instead of fixing that, apparently Openreach  disconnected me as the order was 21 days old.  So there is now no phone nor broadband.


We put a new order on the 22nd but NowTV set up the wrong exchange so that was later rejected.  So we cancelled that on the 26th.  Hopeing for third time lucky we put in a fresh order on the 22nd.  Apparently today they now say that despite Tier 2 monitoring this Openreach have now cancelled the order and I have to wait 5 days to try again.  

Again apprently Tier 2 will be closely following this to get it all sorted but no-one will let me speak to Tier 2.  


Does openreach really cancel orders on a whim?


Why can't NowTV keep the same order live and just correct the data instead of putting me back to square 1 each time with no commentary.


I can't take any more.  


Please help...



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