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Broadband too slow

Wish I hadn't left sky broadband much better no problems, but when you have an advertisement saying brilliant broadband for only £18 a month, you think it's good, not in this case!! Tested the broadband on technical check's says it's too slow and an engineer would check the line within 2 days, yet checked again same excuse engineer would check totally useless!!!!

Anonymous User
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hi i was garunteed

Estimated 57.2-74.3 Mbps

Guaranteed 51.7 Mbps

Upload speed:

Estimated 17.4-19.0 Mbps





Download Mbps
Upload Mbps
and this is what i am getting no fluctuation always the same
Anonymous User
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Mines the same i think because they have reduced staff no maintenance is being done on servers i cannot even get an IP address from their DHCP server so i have to rely on wireless and not hard wired