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Broadband speed

Well had an issue with slow broadband for a few weeks then lost phone line so NOW TV sent out an engineer from open reach who looked into the issue and basically told me the line is knackered and needs replacing but open reach will not replace this as the cost would be around £9000 to dig up the road.

I have a phone line back because he fixed it as best as he could but my broadband speed is currently 17.5 and 4.5 my guaranteed speed is meant to be 27.5 and 5.5 but no matter who I go with unless the cable is replaced I am never gonna get anywhere near this my issue is who is held responsible for replacing the line, Spoken to neighbours and they all have the same issue but we’re not informed that there is a fault with the cable so everybody’s paying for service they’re never gonna receive


Sorry to see that you are still having issues. All you can do is report it to NOW again, it is something that Openreach clearly need to fix. Try the complaints number: 0800 759 1213.

Elite 3

If the fault has worsened to the point where it is effecting voice calls, Openreach should make every effort to correct it, irrespective of costs. You have a right to expect a decent service. Definately get Now to call them out again.