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Broadband speed very slow

Hi Team,


I active broadband today. But the speed of the broadband is very very slow. When I download files, it only shows several hundred KB/s. and I test the broadband speed, the results is 1.14 Mbps download and 0.69 Mbps upload!!!!

Can u please help me fix it ????????????


Thank you for your help 


Best regards


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Re: Broadband speed very slow

Hi @Daisy 


What is your minimum guaranteed down speed when you signed up to NowTV Broadband ?


Have you done a Technical Check online by clicking on the green check status button on this link below. 


If it was me i would double check the wiring between your Router and BT Master Socket and double check by reading this help article below if you need to use the supplied micro filters or not. 


Also before getting in touch with the NowTV Broadband Team, i would be tempted to try a reboot on your Router and if that doesn't help try a reset on the Router by holding in the small reset button on the back of the Router for about 10 seconds.


Should there be no improvement with the internet speeds measured at the Router by doing another Technical Check, then give the NowTV Broadband Team a call.


You will find their telephone number under My Account > Orders & Appointments or Broadband & Calls (click the Moving Home section where the telephone number should take you to general NowTV Broadband enquiries helpline).