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Broadband slow af

I have the cheapest broadband package available (18/m) but it was supposed to be 11mb download and 1mb upload. On average in east london it never passed over 7mb download and 0.75 upload, which is really lame, but it was decent enough.. Lately I have huge drops of speed and my average speed is 2-3mb download.. Contacting the support I have been completely ignored for two weeks, and the only email received was to ask me if I am the owner and if my details were correct (stupid thing since they can check that already when the only way to open a ticket is by logging in and sending a help request).. By phone they were not able to help, long waiting times and futile tests again, that make the connection drop and you have to start over the help support again..Frustrating but when you look to spend less you end up spending more.. Waste of time this bs broadband!

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