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Broadband setup

Hi all,

I'm struggling to set up my broadband. It was meant to switch on ~20th May but hasn't. I'm not getting a yellow light on Internet, I can see the WiFi signal, put my password in, connect - but then I get an error message. 

My account says I'm waiting for a delivery and so won't run checks on connectivity. I'm not waiting - I have the box, and the go live date is in the past. 

This is costing me £10 +2hrs a day round trip because I can't work from home and it's incredibly frustrating that I don't seem to be able to phone somebody as it looks like nowtv haven't flipped the switch to activate the Internet. 


Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 

What time did you call the NOW Broadband Team ?

Was it between the hours of 8am to 8pm ?

What telephone number did you use (was it the telephone number showing under your online Broadband account) or the one under the complaints link that quite a few forum members post on various Broadband threads on this Community?