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Broadband router won't link to repeater


I've tried to connect a Netgear Wifi extender to my router but it just connects with a very poor connection. The speed is usually fine with the router (I've done a speed test) but the moment you go into another room it drops completely. Are NowTV routers locked to their own Sky brand? Does anyone know?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I believe NOW customers have variable success with the NOW Hub 2 Router with third party wifi extenders.


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I am guessing you have split the 2.4ghz & 5ghz Network on the Hub Router and did a full reset on the Netgear wifi extender (maybe using the 2.4 ghz Network band off the NOW Hub Router).


I am lucky in my setup i don't need to introduce any wifi booster or upgrade to a wifi mesh system and seem to have OK coverage in my home environment.