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Broadband not working

I first rang up on the 15th october and said that my broadband has been playing up for a few days prior and I got told that there seemed to be an external issue and someone from openreach where going to come out and have a look and I'll get a call back at the end of the week.

22nd October I call up again, still not working, but apparently the engineer said it needed someone else to come and have a look, and it will be done in the next couple of days and I'll get another phone call back.

25th October, still nothing, and now they are saying it's an indoor issue another engineer will be out to us

26th October an engineer comes out and changes the socket saying that's the issue and is on his way.

27th and it's still not working, by this point I have rang up numerous amount of times and done live chats to still be told that I'll recieve a phone call and money off my bill as I was refusing to pay for a service that I haven't had!

Today, it's still not working to be told another engineer had been out but no one had notified me or told me about it so I wasnt in, and theres another one due out tomorrow, but turned up this afternoon whilst I was just getting home and i got told that he couldn't stay and he doesnt know why i got told tomorrow. I also got told it was the placement of the hub but it's been absolutely fine where it is the whole time I've had it and it's even a new broadband box.


Does anyone else know what else I can try to get it working?! Getting annoyed of not being listened too and then just being told we will call you back and then never do.

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