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Broadband not loading files in very specific apps!

Getting a very good speed with my NowTV fibre broadband, around 36Mbps. All devices connecting and working great, except one! My Sony Xperia XA (android 7.0) phone from time to time is struggling to load very specific items:

  • Photos and other media in Twitter (tweet text loads fine)
  • Files in Gmail app (email text loading fine)
  • Pictures in BBC News app (text also loading just fine)

Again, all other devices working fine. As soon as I turn off phone Wifi all the images/files load. Turning back on or restarting phone makes it work ok for a while. Not noticing this problem on any other wifi.


Are there likely to be any problems with the way the combination of these apps/android/NowTV router are accessing the internet that's blocking very specific tasks? Are there settings on the router worth playing with?


... and to clarify, yes I have tried turning it off and back on again 😛

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Hi @Anonymous User


When you go to My Account > Parental Contols what level is the Broadband Buddy set up on where if you have an age restriction it might be blocking certain Apps and Downloads etc.

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ah good idea to check that! It's set to 13, though with 'grown up browsing'  from 9pm-5:30. Standard settings maybe. I'll have a go at playing with those and see if that resolves anything! Cheers!

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Update: tried playing around with age restriction settings, in the end tried turning broadband buddy off. No difference. Phone still connecting and loading fine in chrome, apps loading text with no problem, speedtest showing superfast speeds, but files and photos occasionally just not loading in apps.

Any other ideas? The only thing I can think is whether firewall settings somewhere are interfering with specific app requests?