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Broadband not live after 4 days



Our broadband was due to go live on the 5th of April, it’s now the 8th and it’s still not live. Been in contact with Now TV and Openreach and both are just pointing fingers at one another. I’ve now been updated that there is a problem with our phoneline and that we will be updated again on the 11th about what is going on. Nobody is being very helpful and we’ve just been told to wait until it’s fixed and becomes active but I’ve got no idea if that will be tomorrow or next month. I’ve no idea if they’re sending out an engineer and if I need to be home for it. I just want the broadband to be activated like it was meant to be 4 days ago. How do I get more clear answers and this to be resolved ASAP? 

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Got the same issue but with a twist.... cannot even contact anyone at now broadband as their phone lines don't work...

Only if I would have known before the switch