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Broadband not gone live

Broadband was due to go live by midnight last night. It hasn't! 

Any ideas before I phone?

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Legend 5


You’ve done the best you can by being patient and waiting till midnight, best just to call in case something went wrong with OpenReach.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Is this a new install, or did you have another service in the property before, if so who was it? And what package/ deal?


Same as me. Told didn't need engineer yesterday. Then engineer texted saying he's not coming as our company is backlogged and there's no point anyway as he's step 11 and step 9 not done yet. Rang now yesterday. Oh I've no Idea I'll find out and call you back 9am tomorrow. But today no call. Do we get compo for no engineer and no internet. But engineer said it's going to be week's as the exchange don't have the TAM required whatever that is


Ofcom’s automatic compensation scheme