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Broadband not going live after engineer visit since 13 days and counting

My broadband was supposed to go live on the 1st August but it is still not working. On that day the engineer came and set everything up in the flat but there was still a problem in the cabinet onstreet (apparently it was full). Last Friday (9th August) on the Now TV website I have discovered that an engineer was supposed to come and fix the problem on Monday 12th August. On Monday my wife has been at home but no one has knocked at the door, probably because the engineer has worked on street (?). Anyhow the connection until today (14th August) is not working. I really need the connection, since my wife is supposed to work from home and since 13 days she cannot do it.
Every time I call or chat with the customer service I am either told that it is going to be live before midnight (every day I am repeated) or that the problem is with the Tier 2 team and that I am going to be contacted within 72 h but then no one contacts me. Has anyone had a similar problem? Is there a way to really know what it is happening and if ever the connection is going to go live?

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