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Broadband not activated

Our activation date has come and gone with nothing happening.  Now Tv say it is an issue with  Open Reach and may be due to "3rd party issues" which could mean a previous provider still has the line.  Unfortunately, they seem unable to give any timeline about how/when this will be resolved, it all seems to be waiting on a Tier 2 team to contact Open Reach and they give themselves a generous 72 hours to make any contact.  In the meantime, we have no internet for working from home.  My fear is that 72 hours will see nothing at all happening and still no idea about when/how it will be resolved, with more fobbing off and more 72 hour windows between each supposed update.   We are unable to contact the relevant Now TV team directly and I keep having to go through the automated system then talk to something who just says they don't know anything and (sometimes) gives false information (e.g. were originally told Tier 2 team would give us an update within 24 hours not 72).   It is all deeply frustrating and disappointing.  

Has anyone had an experience where they had similar delays but it was resolved?  

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Yes!! Have you heard anything? 

This is exactly what they have done to me, word for word. It’s been three weeks, I have no idea if this is even a real problem or when they will get mine sorted. It’s ridiculous. 

I don’t know if you’ve seen but they have an auto-compensation option on their website. Currently it looks I could be entitled to over £100 - not happy about that figure tbh!