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Broadband not activated

Hi there,

Yesterday (7th August) was supposed to be the first day of my new relationship with a broadband and telephone provider after many years with TalkTalk.

The TalkTalk service went off around 10:30am, with the telephone coming back on line soon afterwards.  However, it is now 00:32 on 8th August and I still do not have any broadband connectivity, despite being reassured earlier in the day by a NowTV help desk agent that everything was in hand and that I would be up and running again by no later than midnight.

I have raised a formal request for this to be investigated via the NowTV help screen, but I am really hoping this is just a minor setback and not a sign of things to come.

Please community restore my broken faith in NowTV after less than 1 day as a new valued customer with a house containing annoyed teenagers, an iPad heavy using adult and a home worker struggling to be "available" whilst eatting through their mobile data allowance....

Thank you....

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