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Broadband line was never installed, engineer never turned up

After weeks of waiting, my broadband was supposed to go live on Tuesday 17/09. The Openreach engineer was supposed to come between 8am and 1pm, and I received multiple messages from NOWTV the day before confirming the booking. Next day, nobody turns up. Still, I receive texts from Openreach saying my job was concluded successfully. I then call NOWTV (after waiting for forty minutes to speak with a person, of course) and they tell me to wait until midnight for the broadband to go live. I waited, it never did.

Next day, I call NOWTV again. The guy offers me discounts on TV passes (which I (a) already pay for, and (b) can't use because I don't have internet connection!!!), and books a new engineer visit for the next day (today, 19/09). For the second time in the week, I stay at home waiting for the engineer. For the second time in the week, nobody shows up. I then decide to contact Openreach (as NOWTV support seems as clueless as I am), and SURPRISE! they tell me there is no booking for today at all. At this point, I just feel like a fool.
I then go back to NOWTV – both on live chat and phone, just to be sure. Over the phone, I'm told there is indeed a booking for today. On live chat, I'm told the booking attempt didn't go through. The guy then offers me a new appointment for tomorrow.

I honestly lost hope already, and have no trust at all that anyone will come tomorrow to finally install my broadband. We'll see. It should be noted that, in spite of having no internet at all, I was already charged £25 for the first month. Happy to know NOWTV is efficient sometimes – at least to rip you off 🙂

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