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Broadband hasn’t gone live for nearly 2 months

My Broadband was supposed to go live on the 13th of September. I was told that I don’t need an engineer to set up my broadband however as I came home that day I had a slip that said I missed an appointment. This was a mistake from now tv as they never said I needed one. However I’ve had about 3 new activation dates since, two of which said I needed an engineer, but they never turned up. My most recent activation date was yesterday, I phoned a couple of days ago to triple check that an engineer was not needed and the customer service said in confidence that I didn’t. However here we are on the day after my 4th activation date and still no wifi, and apparently I need an engineer after calling this morning. 
This is so infuriating and such a bad start to joining now tv.

If anyone has experienced similar please let me know if it ever got sorted.

Elite 3

The way to get it sorted would be to be there when the engineer calls.

However, for most people, no engineer is required. If you have a working telephone line, (i.e. you have the BT/Openreach socket, and it has been used recently, even if there is no current service on it) then all it should need is for you to have the router plugged in.

Sometimes the engineer will just check your socket and do an end-to-end test to satisfy themself that all is good with the line.

After the problems you have had, it will be in your interest to be available on the next visit.


I was not there for the first engineer visit when they actually came due to the fact I was told I didn’t need an engineer. The other times they said an engineer was coming I was at the house all day and no one ever showed up. 

I have a bt socket which looks like it should work fine. I’m just a bit confused how they keep telling me I do need an engineer and then also keep telling me I don’t. I just don’t think the communication is very clear between now and openreach.

I will definitely make sure to be available should an engineer actually turn up.

Elite 3

The engineer's job is to make the necessary connections at the cabinet/exchange.

If, once he/she makes the connection they see no activity on the line they will want to check your end. If they did the connection on the first visit, it may actually be working. Have you connected the router? Do you have a phone connection?

Looking like it should be working, is not the same as it is working.