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Broadband down

My broadband in Luton has been down for 8 days. Have called twice. Was told on both occasions that there is nothing to be done as it is an Openreach problem and that it is only chased up for individual customers not where it affects an area. However, Openreach will only talk to the networks not the end users, and no-one actually knows at Now what the problem is. They do not care whether it is fixed or not.


No - one is following up so I raised a complaint. This has been ignored.

I tried messaging on twitter, they told me to DM them but even though I am following them twitter won't allow it.


I am completely at a loss for what to do.  Now don't seem to care about their customers, and even had the audacity to tell me that they don't give compensation for this type of thing. I am paying for a service I am not receiving. As long as they keep receiving my money, they don't care how long it takes to fix. Disgusting service.

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@Anonymous User 

That sounds like a rubbish situation to be in. 


NOW are unfortunately stuck with relying on OpenReach from sorting out the network. All I can suggest is to keep the broadband team until it's resolved, either that or maybe look elsewhere?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I have exactly the same problem. Is like i wrote this 😅. I am laughing but is very irritating! Have called several times but no real solution. Mine goes on and off and its been over a month. I am veeeery close to move elsewhere! Very very disappointed! If you find any solution, please write something here! I will wait one more week then i will move elsewhere cause this is a joke!!! They don’t care!!!