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Broadband down half 9 every evening

Every single night since I have had NOW TV broadband the internet has gone down at 9.30pm for 5-10 mins. EVERY TIME. 


Does anyone know why it might do this? How to stop it? or if something can be done about it? 


when it goes down I can't watch anything on TV if i'm watching on the internet (such as on Now TV or Netflix) and it completely mucks it up as it jumps out and then freezes my TV and causes about half an hour of problems for me in the house. Plus it crashes my computer, and ends up making me use my mobile data which I don't have a lot of due to the fact that I work from home so expect to be using my internet the whole time. 


I was given a new hub as they thought that that could be the issue but seeing as I've only had Now TV Broadband since July (so for 5 months) I fail to see how the Hub could be the problem as it's brand new. 


Can anyone help?


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@Anonymous User if it's at the exact time every night it could be interference (REIN or SHINE) from something electrical (on a timer) in your house, or a neighbour's house.


It could be a hot water system switching on, timer lights or even something as mundane as a neighbour using a microwave. It could be something further afield having an effect on the street box.


Have you asked any neighbour's if they have a similar problem?


@Anonymous User  @Saint1976 


Hi Emma


No matter how you look at this, you are going to need an Openreach engineer to look at, analyse and solve your problem.  This will require you to contact your ISP, perform the test they ask you to, so that your ISP can satisfy themselves an engineer is required and then book one for you.


It obvious that there is an electro-mechanical device that switches itself on at 9.30pm every day and this device is disrupting your Internet connection, and with such problems only a skilled professional can diagnose, find and fix this interference.



UK Bob


This happens to me conveniently always after their customer services is shut!

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@Mel1 @Kara1 

Customer service only operates between 8am and 11pm. You will need to call them between those hours.

NOW Broadband customers can get in touch anytime between 8am–11pm.

Call us 0330 041 2480


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Hi Emma, 


ive been having exactly the same problem at exactly the same time at around 9.30 pm many nights the internet drops out as I’m watching Netflix- I’m so glad I found your post so I know I’m not the only one it’s been happening for the last year at least and causes no end of problems and can’t contact now broadband after 8pm- honestly now are a joke! I’m going elsewhere! 

hope you got your problem sorted I'm at least getting more reading in since there’s no internet!